The other half can’t act like a crazy man wants to marry her for a lifetime

Reading books together on the roadside. Photographed by British Mirror

A man in Jersey, England, has taken care of the other half of his mobility and will use a wheelchair to push her around for travel. He also bought a ring to propose to her.

The British “Mirror” reported that Phil, 58, had bought a sex doll for 2,600 pounds (about 100,000 U.S. dollars) and named her a Trish. Phil usually helps Tish to dress up, take her in a wheelchair to look around the world, they will go to the bar to relax or read a book on the bench in the street, Choi Shi quietly stays with them.

Phil said that Trish was “very beautiful” and even bought a ring to propose with her. Phil admits he often swears with each other, but the relationship between the two is not only sexual, they will take pictures together, use the photos to record life.

It is not surprising that the locals are used to this “couple”. When there was a woman who challenged Phil, he explained that having Trish was like a woman having a vibrating egg, and she was finally understood by the other person.

Phil said that he accepts that Trish is an item and does not want to be mad: “There is a very beautiful human being right beside me. Just looking at it and admiring it feels really good.” He continued: “ I will not deny sex with sex dolls. No matter how you look at me, I don’t care.” (International Center/Integrated Report)

Photographed by British Mirror

Photographed by British Mirror

Photographed by British Mirror

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