Real doll realizing sex with artificial intelligence will also release the first machine next year

In the film “Demolition Man” published in 1993, there is a scene where the Spartan detective (Sylvester · Stallone) receives a sex invitation from Hacker Lieutenant (Sandra Block). Spartan, who had been frozen for decades, is surprised to find that it means virtual sex with a headset named “Tele Dildnics” (remote controlled sex tool). Today, due to advances in robotics engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), this teledildonics is about to become a reality.

With the progress of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), virtual sex technology has achieved dramatic growth. What is necessary for the development of Teledildonics is the construction of links that convey tactile sensations among users, and the technology that AI learns about users and provides the stimulus demanded by users. For example, Siri of Apple, Alexa of Amazon and Cortana of Microsoft are like to understand the user’s sexual excitement. These AI systems may play a role of the link. 

Currently, the leader in the field of sex toys utilizing artificial intelligence is a long-established company in the sex doll industry called “Real Doll”. 

“The AI system we are developing can be connected to a doll or it can be used in VR. The sex industry will need to gradually incorporate advanced technologies such as AI and VR in the future. That is an example. “Real Mall’s CEO Matt McMullen said in Reddit’s AMA session. 

Provide users an addictive experience

Real Doll plans to release the head of a robot equipped with artificial intelligence in celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. This head is said to be able to be worn on the body of the sex doll that the company sells, but if you can feel sexual excitement at the emotional level, the torso may not be necessary. 

Real Doll wants to complete the AI system within six months and the head within next year. McMullen does not want to make a humanoid that looks wrong with the person appearing in the movie “Aki Makina”. “We are hoping to provide users with a fun and addictive experience using AI,” he says.

With Teledildonics, you just have to wear a headset and launch the application, you no longer need to go out seeking a sex partner. The partner of the virtual sex may be his lover or a stranger and eliminating any troublesome human relations of real sex. Then, sex no longer becomes “work” like meals and dishwasher, we may lose connection with people. 

However, the final scene of the demolition man gives us hope. When Spartan kisses Hawksley, Hawksley gains a pleasure that could not be obtained with the headset. Whatever virtual sex technology advances, you absolutely will not be killing a living human’s kiss.

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