Is it a substitute for sex doll couple life or escape from reality?

In Japan, 2 thousand rubber sex dolls are sold each year. For Japanese men, the relationship with human women has disappeared, and choices to use sex doll are increasing more and more. Mr. Chiyoshi Nakajima (61) living in Nagano started living with a plastic sex doll with his wife and two children. Masayuki Ozaki, a 45-year-old physical therapist, confessed that she became the love of her entire life since she bought a silicone sex doll. They are merely a few examples that surprised society, leaking to the mass media in the world.

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Masayuki Ozaki, a 45-year-old physical therapist, confessed that she became the love of her entire life since she bought a silicone sex doll.

Of course, it is not limited to Japanese men buying sex doll and playing adult play. In Japan, however, there is a sense that this relationship between living men and dolls without minds has already become a kind of trend. Sputnik looked to each side whether questions such as these examples could be found in many countries and what kind of results are awaiting if they continued these relationships.

Russian psychologist Nagyjuda Mazrova has made the following observations about this.

“There are several types of psychology and social factors involved at the same time in this situation, firstly Japanese people are strongly forced to control their emotions with intention. Other Japanese are to be married In addition to romantic emotions, pragmatic factors often precede. Another important factor is that the Internet technology has developed tremendously. In developed countries people from gadgets I live in the environment. I can easily follow this gadget, but living humans do not like so it is much safer and more comfortable to communicate with machines in the virtual space. Another important aspect in Japan is that everyone is very tired because Japan really works a lot, so everyone is tired Because men do not need to make extra effort psychologically to interact with the other person, and they will give everything the men want, the amount they give is just as much as men want It’s a volume, and the dolls do not get tired and complain. “

The sex doll is spreading like this in this way. Some men came out not only with their dolls but also with their dolls. Some people say they declare their own worries to a doll, take a walk with a doll, go out for a vacation. Sex doll has come to serve as a living partner that can avoid reality. Is this a worldwide trend, how about in Russia?

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“This is no longer a common trend, teenagers who consult with me have problems with communication with classmates, special communication is now one of the central problems. Today’s youth is It is easier to socialize with Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It is easier to get on with social networks because it’s easier to get started because you can start it at any time and quit, but in Russia, this process has just begun, but like in Japan If it is a hi-tech country this may become a problem. While virtual reality makes social relationships with live friends and the way to a real life that date goes on will become increasingly difficult as time passes. “In such a situation the doll is getting closer to life. If you touch it it will be like a genuine human skin. In Japan, now 2,000 sex dolls are sold annually, the price per one is about 6 thousand dollars. How much is demand for these dolls in Russia? I asked Alexei Guidai, President of the Internet = Hyper Market “Condom – Shop.Ru”, this question.

“There is a” real doll “as close to the real thing as possible at our shop. This price is above the one million rubles (198 million yen ). While I bought two before buying the ruble now it was half price. you have been reading this or kind of merchandise is the day many times, no one to buy. it is not the future in Russia because it is this price. di money in the extremely limited layer was Tsu We do not have any particular interest in Russia because we can only reach it. We do not know at all whether there are cases to live like dolls and wives. ”


Today’s reality from the release of a less familiar doll that inflates the air in the 1970’s, for today’s reality – a sort of full-length men, sex shops industry will develop to sex dolls, which is much more favorable than raw ladies etc. I have done it. Where will we go further? Mr. Valeriya Aginskaya, sex scientist and program director of the sex education center “Secrets (”, told Sputnik the following view.“It is true that there is an increasing number of people who use this frequently by developing the sex industry and improving the quality of sex robots. Robots can be a substitute for relationships between people and to a limited number of people It is desirable that emotions are limited in this manner because human emotions make people uneasy because for those people robots heal loneliness and improve the quality of life to some extent But, no matter how well the robot is made, it is still different from the human beings, human beings are much more broad spectrum of emotions, thoughts, and behavior. “

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