Curiosities that you didn’t know about inflatable dolls

They buy themselves to walk around chatting during a solitary goodbye, to play a joke on the office mate and also to have sex with this object of human appearance, which, by the way, makes them more like a real human. Everyone knows what inflatable dolls are, but few have seen them up close. We are going to tell you some curiosities about this topic, while … we leave you this story titled “a decent woman”.

Now, let’s cut to the chase, we’ll tell you some curiosities about inflatable dolls, pay close attention, maybe you’ll want to buy one after reading the following information.

1.- His creation. During the Second World War the Danish doctor Olen Hannussen was ordered by Adolf Hitler to create an inflatable doll so that the Nazi troops could relieve their sexual needs and avoid getting venereal diseases, that strange assignment was called “The Borghild project”, the instructions were that he should have a height of 1.76 meters, lips and large breasts, legs and arms, an articulated head and a navel. That project was supervised by the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler. This project did not end, because the factory in Dresden, where the first dolls were made, was bombed and destroyed.

2.- Collectors. In this world there are people who collect everything, there are also those who collect dolls, that is the case of an English couple, they are Bob Gibbins and his wife Lizzie, they have 240 dolls with whom they have fun changing their clothes and taking pictures, without no type of interest or sexual act, at least that’s what they have told journalists that they are going to interview them.

Curiosities that you did not know about inflatable dolls

3.- Science has advanced. Experts in robotics and artificial intelligence say that by the year 2050 there will be sexual robots in the beds of people, it is believed that many people will choose them as sexual partners and even some will try to marry these androids. Obviously, we are no longer talking about inflatable dolls, but more complex creations.

4.- Sex dolls more realistic. A Japanese company created their wrists with a texture very similar to the skin, also have eyes that seem very real. The company Orient Industry reported that their Sex dolls, made with high-quality silicone, look so real that it is difficult to distinguish them from a real woman at first sight.

5.- They make the rescuers confuse. Many policemen and rescuers have tried to rescue women who turn out to be inflatable dolls. For example, at the end of June 2016, Dutch police officers broke into an apartment where it was believed there was an inert woman, without showing signs of life. When the officers arrived they understood why the woman was not seen, she was a doll. The attempts to become heroes of the uninformed ones simply deflated.

6.- Expensive dolls. Some dolls cost 5 thousand euros, but they are simpler models (that is, dolls with surprising human appearance), as there are other models that cost up to 25 thousand euros.

7.- Love has arrived. A 61-year-old man named Senji Nakajima, who is married and father of two children, said he had fallen in love with a doll.

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