China real sex doll factory that’s making dirty-talking sex dolls for randy Americans

A real sex doll factory in China has developed lifelike love robots powered by artificial intelligence which are able to hold short conversations with their randy owners.

The Chinese sex doll firm is experimenting with the cutting-edge AI tech to enable its discerning customers to engage in some post-romp pillow talk with their beloved Sex dolls.


REUTERS A Chinese firm has developed AI robots that can answer questions

Based in the southeastern province of Guangdong, the firm, one of the country’s biggest sex robot makers, launched what it calls AI-powered dolls at end of 2016.

Two years on, the crack team of doll boffins at WMDOLL claim the latest version of the randy mannequins can answer questions, roll their vacant eyes and move their fleshy limbs.

Horny punters can personalise the pleasure models, altering their height, hairstyle and eye colour.

AI features on the dolls are still very basic – but expected to take leaps and bounds forward in coming years.

REUTERS The AI dolls can hold short conversations

REUTERS Workers hang a sex doll in the warehouse at the DOLL factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province

REUTERS Exports account for 80 percent of DOLL sales, and half of their overseas shipments go to the United States

REUTERS Three sex dolls, all called Lucy, have their moving parts controlled by remote control at the WMDOLL factory’s display room

REUTERS Randy punters can personalise their sex dolls

REUTERS The sex doll factory produces around 2,000 dolls a month, including dozens of different shapes of body and over 260 different faces

REUTERS Various styles and designs of sex dolls are displayed at the DOLL factory
Sex doll the size of a child being made in a Japanese factory reduces a TV reporter to tears in BBC’s Sex Robots and Us

The doll uses vocabulary by connecting to a database supported by Chinese tech giant Baidu, to answer questions.

WMDOLL admits improving the features has been difficult partly because experts aren’t interested in putting much effort into developing AI technology for adult products.

“But we will surely add more advanced technologies… for example making the limbs move more naturally.”

Sex doll heads are seen in boxes about to be sealed and shipped off to customers

The AI dolls use a database of language to hold short conversations

Metal skeletons for sex dolls are displayed at the DOLL factory

Sex dolls hang from racks in the warehouse

REUTERS A worker prepares a sex doll for a photo shoot

Workers wait for an elevator with a sex doll

A worker prepares to test an artificial intelligence enhanced sex doll

REUTERS worker attaches a nail to a sex doll’s finger
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Experts have suggested that the popularity of love dolls and sex robots might be to blame for Japan’s declining birth rate.

An elderly man who owns five sex dolls claims real women enjoy his company more since he started romping with the replicas.

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