Benefits of Love Doll

The merit of making love doll is that sex feels good anyhow.
My experience, but when I firmly sex with my own love doll anyway, the momentum of ejaculation is amazing. I get out much better than when I masturbate by hand or onahoru only. There really is a feeling that I have gone out of the body.


I do not want to criticize women’s sex with reality, but real sex has various restrictions.
There are also tastes of the other sex and I can not do everything I like.


I love student clothes, but would you accept it if, for example, she or my wife wanted to do this? It is ended by being merely a pervert, and if you do not do it well, you may be able to cut out a separate story.


Reality sex has many sad problems as well. For example, there are various changes, such as myself or a woman’s partner get bored with sex, they both get older and sex becomes less comfortable, a child can be made and it is no longer sex.


It is necessary for married couples to change little by little, and there are also things that are fun. It may be one of the real pleasures of life to get along with your partner to get along well.
But as long as he is a man, libido will continue to exist and instincts are continuing seeking young beautiful women.
Its desire is something that can not be satisfied in some cases, but it’s boring to be frustrated without doing anything.
Even though it is fake, it is a lot of fun to reproduce sex with a young and beautiful woman.


In fact, in my case, when my ideal sex with Love Doll went well, I feel filled with heart.
In the case of a woman with reality, your girlfriend or wife, it is not unusual that it is far from ideal sex.
I am sorry to say this, but if you are a completely unmalign wife, you may think that I would like to do with a younger and beautiful woman at the bottom of my heart.
Love doll sometimes fulfills such desire although it is pseudo.


There are situations that can never be satisfied in the real world.
For example, in my case, I love student clothes. In short, somewhere in my mind, I want to etch with junior high school students and high school girls, but this can not be put into practice (putting students dressed in girls about 20 years of age to realistic desire I want to etch)
, such as further if married also (of the 16-year-old girl as could legally), to the child may not be beautiful, you might child was troubled by selfish. You might not listen to me at all.

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There is also the opinion that it would be good if you go to a shokubo shop if you want to etch it with a doll.
This also has inconvenient things. First of all, it will cost money to say anything, but in shops in shops, especially shops with real production, you can not escape from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
I am going to the customs but I have never had a sexually transmitted disease! Although some people may be, in fact, it is impossible to nullify the infection rate of venereal diseases to zero regardless of how well contraception or infection prevention is done.
In the worst case, there is a possibility that it may be a horrible disease like HIV.
To say that I have never been sick in a customs merely is simply lucky. There is a possibility that infected sexually transmitted diseases are always infected at sex shops with a probability of not being zero. There are not many people who know this.

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There is no danger of venereal disease as well as love doll. However, if many people use the same love doll as the love doll manners, please be aware that some sexually transmitted diseases are likely to be infected.


Although there are various inconvenient things in this way, by using love doll well, you can reproduce such an ideal state in a pseudo manner.

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The big thing that I am feeling is that it is pseudo but it is to keep satisfaction of sexual desire and love anyway.
Regarding libidos, in particular, I think that if you do not radiate or ejaculate regularly to a certain extent, you are bad for your physical and mental health.
And if that ejaculation is sloppy, it will be worried that energetic power has fallen if it is poor. When you confirm that you can ejaculate fully of power at that time by etching love dolls, you will be confident that you are not waning at all, you will be confident in your male function.


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